Dr. Haller's Fundamentals of Deming Management Series

      From banking to healthcare, many companies are finding that adoption of the Deming Philosophy is a matter of economic survival. Gaining knowledge of his methods is essential to organizational and personal transformation. If you have always wanted to attend a Deming seminar but could not manage the time or the cost, this seminar is the solution. In just six days - two per month - you will learn to improve quality and productivity where it matters most - in your place of business.

      The purpose of this series is to prepare individuals to begin their own transformation and to facilitate the transformation within their organizations based on the management theory of the late Dr. W. Edwards Deming. In this series participants will learn how to make quality part of their daily work. The lessons learned will include:

    1. How to create a plan for the future using system thinking.
    2. How to control the enterprise without tampering.
    3. How to develop a continual improvement culture.
    4. How to add leadership to the management function.
    5. How to make time for quality.

      To compliment this series, Harold S Haller & Company has developed a training module that combines video, text, and workbook exercises called "A Self Directed Journey to Managing with Profound Knowledge." Dr. Haller has developed this series using video presentations by the late Dr. W. Edwards Deming along with his own insights into the concepts of Profound Knowledge based on more than 15 years experience in creating corporate transformations.

      It is Dr. Haller's intention to train those attending the six-day series to become the internal consultants to their organizations. They will be prepared to act as facilitators for others within their organizations taking the self-directed journey to Managing with Profound Knowledge. This video-workbook package will be available to those in attendance, as well as, to people who have previously attended Dr. Haller's Fundamentals series.

      The video-workbook package is designed as an alternative approach for those who are not available to attend the six-day series.

      Contact us for information regarding registration for the Fundamentals of Deming Management Series or the Self-Directed Journey to Managing with Profound Knowledge package.