In 1985 Dr. Deming asked Harold Haller to guide the Quno Corporation through the Deming Management Transformation. By 1993, Quno achieved their aim of being recognized as the highest quality, lowest cost newsprint producer in North America by Gannett, publisher of USA Today.

The transformation at QUNO Corporation resulted from following the Haller & Company "staircase" to achieve their aim. Along this path, management adopted the Deming Principles and used a highly structured statistical approach to solve complex problems. Six Sigma measure-analyze- improve-control techniques like control charting, experimental design, and simultaneous correlation of many variables were applied using a sequential approach. Following this approach, process knowledge was developed with minimum resources while undesirable operating conditions were avoided which resulted in minimum lost production. The results included:

1. Optimization of road construction methods in the Quebec woodlands saved $250,000 annually.
2. A perceived specification variance was resolved that saved $250,000 per year.
3. Optimization of the Thorold Floatation De-ink Plant resulted in a $1,000,000 per year savings in chemical use, a gain in brightness of the newsprint pulp, and a reduction of sludge discharge to the Effluent Treatment Plant.
4. The Baie-Comeau Mill production efficiency was improved.
5. Working cooperatively with customers like the Milwaukee Journal, QUNO learned how to produce newsprint using 70% recycled raw materials while meeting or exceeding high quality standards.
6. The QUNO Theory of Runnability Team quantified factors affecting pressroom breaks which resulted in the development of improved newsprint containing 70% recycled raw materials.