Haller & Company consultants introduce Six Sigma type methods to the Torrance Memorial Medical Center for continual improvement of their healthcare services and delivery system.

The leadership of the Torrance Memorial Medical Center has embraced the use of Six Sigma type methods for process improvement in both healthcare services and the delivery of these services for more than six years. To support the hospital's desire to use statistical methods, Haller & Company adapted their 5-step continual improvement model for hospitals using examples to which the staff could readily relate. This has been a key to learning statistical methods. Once the analytical principles are presented using examples from some work area related to healthcare, the principles make sense. Then there are opportunities to apply these methods routinely in the hospital. This was particularly true in the healthcare arena where so much information was available for analysis in the information warehouse. Haller & Company consultants analyzed problems related to:

1. Budget control
2. Patient satisfaction metrics
3. Safety procedures
4. Waiting times for patients needing service
5. Turn-around-times for services between departments
6. Drug administration
7. Improving the triage process
8. Burn patient isolation process
9. Infection control