Through the application of the Deming Management Theory in design and build as well as in project management for the commercial construction industry, Harold S Haller & Company successfully led the transformation at Rudolph/Libbe Companies.

1. Using the system thinking concept introduced by Dr. W. Edwards Deming, Dr. Haller helped to set up the first market segmentation teams in the commercial construction industry in order to improve communication with customers, demonstrate market expertise to customers, and move decision-making to the lowest level for rapid response to construction opportunities.

2. Using Six Sigma methods for continual improvement, teams chartered at the Rudolph Libbe Companies developed processes for coordinating projects between companies in order to ensure the maximum return to the corporation rather than to just one division.

3. The management of the Rudolph Libbe Companies used Haller & Company's strategic planning process to align, prioritize, and operationally define the long term goals of the organization. Adopting this plan also revealed key metrics for monitoring progress relative to the strategic plan.

4. Haller & Company's leadership appraisal was used by management in a non-threatening manner to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each supervisor in order to develop individual specific plans of action for leadership improvement.