Dr. Harold S. Haller was the expert witness in the law suit Brunswick Defense and the Department of Defense. Using Six Sigma type methods Dr. Haller was able to prove that the Brunswick Defense products met the specifications but that the third party testing lab was out of statistical control.

Haller & Company consultants were retained by Brunswick Defense to use statistical methods to analyze production data in order to determine why the Department of Defense had rejected several lots of product based on tests that were conducted by a third party laboratory. After reviewing several months of information that was gathered from the data warehouse, Dr. Haller concluded that the problem was not in the production of the lots of product but in the testing of these lots. Despite Dr. Haller's findings based on his analysis, the Department of Defense and the third party laboratory were reluctant to accept the responsibility for the problem with the product produced by Brunswick Defense that was claimed to be out of specification. What followed was a lengthy period of litigation between the government and Brunswick Defense. Finally, when the testimony from Dr. Haller was being reviewed by the presiding judge, the Department of Defense decided to agree with Dr. Haller's conclusions and settle the claim out of court in favor of Brunswick Defense.