Dr. Harold S. Haller integrated the concepts of continual improvement and total quality management into the strategic plan of Alex Fries, Inc. In this way, quality did not become an additional assignment for the associates of Alex Fries, Inc. Rather, quality became a means to an end, namely the aim of Alex Fries, Inc.

1. When Dr. Haller reviewed the strategic plan of this Cincinnati based flavors company, he realized that the extensive list of business goals needed to be aligned with the aim of the organization in order to prioritize these goals. As a result, during a two day strategic planning session in 1998, Dr. Haller helped the executive team of Alex Fries reach consensus about the two most important business goals for 1998. Once this decision had been reached, the executive team used Haller & Company's breakthrough model for continual improvement to charter two teams to address these goals.

2. Dr. Haller trained the two teams in the summer of 1998 once they had been chartered by the executive team and once team sponsors had been selected. Six months after the training was complete, both teams presented solutions for their mandates to the executive team for their review and, if appropriate, for their commitment to implement the recommendations. Both teams agreed that Haller & Company's team process was efficient, effective, and fun.

3. Alex Fries, Inc. continued to focus on their strategic plan in 1999. Consequently, the Haller & Company continual improvement model was again used to prioritize the strategic business goals in order to identify the next three team mandates. Despite some organizational changes in Alex Fries, Inc. in 1999, these three teams have followed the Haller & Company continual improvement process and have achieved their mandates.