Harold S Haller & Company consultants have assisted hundreds of organizations to launch the transformation using Deming's Principles and Six Sigma type methods for continual improvement. These organizations have included:

1. Petro-chemical companies
2. Healthcare institutions
3. Public school systems
4. Universities and colleges
5. Heavy equipment manufacturing companies
6. Natural resource companies
7. Non-profit organizations
8. Electronics manufacturing companies
9. Aerospace companies
10. Medical supply companies
11. Pharmaceutical companies
12. Government organizations
13. Legal organizations

In the beginning Haller & Company consultants help management pinpoint several concrete strategic objectives known as the "Aim." Without an Aim, it is impossible to achieve the transformation as Deming often stated.

The Aim: Where is this organization going to be down the road, say, in five years? This is the question that must be asked by top management as they create their Vision for the future or strategic plan. Input from customers using the Attractive Quality Creation concept regarding quality, cost, and delivery is essential. Haller & Company consultants make field visits to observe conditions and record events in order to "listen to the voice of the customer." These data are used by the steering committee to define the Aim. Employees contribute to the definition of the Aim with input regarding the quality of their work life. Less obvious customers such as the local community or even the environment need to be considered in developing an Aim.

Key Business Areas: Based on research of client needs, Harold S Haller & Company can determine deficiencies or "gaps" between where organizations are and where they want to be. Haller & Company consultants help clients to detect and solve quality and productivity problems and prevent them from reoccurring. Our consultants help clients prioritize and select some high potential areas where improvement is needed. Management must answer the question, "Will improvements in this area allow us to achieve the Aim?"

Breakthrough Strategy: How will Haller & Company organize the improvement process in order to obtain breakthroughs in each business area and ultimately achieve the Aim? Client data is used to identify where the management processes are deficient. Data is prioritized and the highest potential areas are identified which align with the Aim.

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