A Self-Directed Journey to Managing with Profound Knowledge©
From banking to healthcare, many companies are finding that adoption of the Deming Philosophy is a matter of economic survival. Gaining knowledge of his methods is essential to organizational and personal transformation. If you have always wanted to attend a Deming seminar but could not manage the time or the cost, this video-workbook package is the solution. In approximately 20 hours you will learn to improve quality and productivity where it matters most - in your place of business.

Harold S Haller & Company has developed a training module that combines video, text, and workbook exercises called "A Self Directed Journey to Managing with Profound Knowledge©." Dr. Haller has developed this series using video presentations by the late Dr. W. Edwards Deming along with his own insights into the concepts of Profound Knowledge based on more than 15 years experience in creating corporate transformations.

The purpose of this package is to prepare individuals to begin their own transformation and to facilitate the transformation within their organizations based on the management theory of the late Dr. W. Edwards Deming. Participants will learn how to make quality part of their daily work. The lessons learned will include:

    1.   How to create a plan for the future using system thinking.
    2.   How to control the enterprise without tampering.
    3.   How to develop a continual improvement culture.
    4.   How to add leadership to the management function.
    5.   How to make time for quality.

Topics addressed are as follows:
    •   What is the problem?
    •   What are the losses from the prevailing management system?
    •   Why is transformation needed?
    •   The failure of adversarial competition.
    •   Why must management change?
    •   Why is a system view important?
    •   What is a system?
    •   How to understand the nature of the system.
    •   How to develop a shared aim.
    •   The significance of understanding variation.
    •   The differences in managing stable and unstable systems.
    •   View the Red Bead Experiment.

You will learn about:
    •   A process for continual improvement.
    •   The link between process improvement and process standardization.
    •   Operational definitions and the theory of knowledge.
    •   Ideas on application of psychology to leadership.
    •   The relationships between people, leadership, teams and environment.
    •   How to use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator to improve communications
    •   an integrated comprehensive set of principles for leaders, Dr. Deming's 14 Points
        and his System of Profound Knowledge

There are assignments each participant will complete.

For organizations that purchase the package, a "train-the-facilitators" session will be arranged to prepare individuals to act as facilitators for others within their organizations taking the self-directed journey to Managing with Profound Knowledge.

In addition to the video and the workbook, copies are included of Dr. Haller's books Managing with Profound Knowledge© and Making Time for Quality©. The cost of the complete package is $250. Additional copies can be purchased for the following prices:

Managing with Profound Knowledge©
Making Time for Quality©
$ 200.00
$ 50.00
$ 30.00
$ 25.00

We recommend that an organization purchase at least one complete package and a workbook for each participant. Additional copies of Dr. Haller's books may be needed if more than one person will be taking the self-directed journey at the same time.

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