What is needed today is a way to give executives, managers and supervisory personnel at all levels more time to create the future.

Making Time for Quality helps people learn how to delegate responsibility while retaining accountability. It presents methods that enable leaders to reduce the natural stress and anxiety levels that accompany any delegation of responsibility.

Some of the topics covered in Making Time for Quality are:

The difference between accountability and responsibility
How can you delegate more effectively
How to use the four step process for delegating responsibility while retaining accountability
How the process has been implemented in various organizations (Case studies)
How to define what you want others to do
Why is it important to improve quality through empowerment of others
How you can create objective standards of behavioral performance.

Managing with Profound Knowledge

Many companies are finding that adoption of the Deming philosophy is a matter of economic survival. Gaining knowledge of Deming's methods is an essential first step in creating a personal as well as an organizational transformation. Managing with Profound Knowledge can help readers apply Deming's methods. This book is now available through the SPC Press. Contact SPC Press by phone at (423) 584-5005 or FAX at (423) 588-9440 to place an order.

Some of the topics covered in Managing with Profound Knowledge are:

What is the problem?
The need for transformation
Management must change
Why a system view is important
How to understand the nature of the system
How to develop an aim
The significance of understanding variation
Differences in management of stable and unstable systems
A process for continual improvement
The link between process improvement and process standardization
Operational definitions and the theory of knowledge
How to make better predictions
Inter-relationships between people, leadership, teams, and environment
Ideas on the application of psychology
Losses from fear and competition in the workplace
Exploration of ways to improve communication
An integrated, comprehensive set of principles for leaders
The 14 points and System of Profound Knowledge.

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