Haller & Company consultants designed a new learning game, Zero Defects Process™ Game to help people learn how to:
     • Measure process performance.
     • Meet customer needs.
     • Gather process information efficiently.
     • Analyze information to develop process understanding.
     • Ensure optimum process performance in the future.
     • Develop methods for keeping the process on target and for minimizing variation. This is Zero Defects!

The Benefits of the Zero Defects Process™ Game:

     • Relates readily to real world problems.
     • Reveals the adverse effects of tampering.
     • Shows players how to gain knowledge.
     • Costs a fraction of the price of other learning tools.
     • Enables players to see the results of learning immediately. Learn by doing!

Easy to Learn!       Easy to Remember!       Easy to use in the future!

Zero Defects Process™ Game provides a learning experience related to real work problems like:
• Setting machine conditions to meet specs.
• Running a complex manufacturing plant.
• Improving safety performance.
• Selling all products or services offered.
• Meeting customer ship dates.
• Controlling lab procedures.
• Scheduling production runs.
• Scheduling equipment.

Zero Defects Process™ Game is a perfect learning tool for elementary through high school students who are faced with solving problems related to biology, physics and chemistry courses.

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