The Problem with Preparing Good Monthly Reports
  • Generally, data mining and analysis are not a top priority among operating personnel.
  • Even though routine feedback is vital to a successful operation, daily pressures and priorities take precedence.
  • Monthly technical reports are relegated to the new engineer, the office assistant, or just not done.
  • Good data analysis methods must be understood and learned.
  • It takes both knowledge and experience to do an effective job.
  • Senior operating personnel who can do a reliable analysis either do not want to be "stuck" doing reports or are just too busy to do them.
  • Junior operating personnel generally do not have the experience to do an in-depth analysis, even though they have excellent training.
  • As a result, many businesses have very poor data with which to do problem solving, long range planning, market forecasting, and peer comparisons.
Why Not Outsource Data Mining, Analysis, and Reporting?
  • Why live with poor information or have valuable people do "back office" work?
  • Why not have excellent analysis, timely feedback, and good records, and allow the operating personnel to spend more time in operations?
  • Haller & Company can provide data mining, analysis, and reporting.
  • Data analysis is one of Harold S Haller & Company's major business activities.
  • Haller & Company has an impressive history of developing breakthroughs for clients through data analysis.
Haller & Company
  • Dr. Harold Haller founded the company in 1981 in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • The company has a very impressive list of business accomplishments using advanced statistical analysis, quality techniques and change management.
  • The advanced statistical analysis is anchored by its Haller Information Technology System suite of software, HITS™.
  • HITS™ is a copyrighted statistical package that was developed by Dr. Haller and his associates.
  • Haller & Company's qualifications include a long list of clients from both profit and non-profit organizations.
Data Mining and Analysis Outsourcing
  • Haller & Company has expanded its business offerings to include the services of data mining and analysis outsourcing.
  • These services will use the strength and experience of Haller & Company coupled with the excellent capability of the HITS™ software.
  • Data will be mined, analyzed, and benchmarked from a wide variety of business processes ranging from operation control rooms to corporate boardrooms.
  • Data will be analyzed for sources of variation, relationships between variables, compliance to plans, and statistical control.
  • These services can be very flexible and tailored to the individual needs of the client.
Service Approach
  • Interested clients will be interviewed to determine their specific requirements.
  • Haller & Company will take the client through a structured approach from the general to the specific in order to establish the client's needs.
  • Haller & Company will begin working with the client to establish Key Business Indicators (KBI) and then determine the specific data requirements to support and monitor these KBI.
  • Once the data needs have been quantified in detail, a mining system will be set-up by Haller & Company.
  • Data mining will be by the Internet, transmission to Haller & Company affiliate's File Server, or FAX.
Reporting and Feedback
  • Reporting will be very flexible in order to meet the client's needs.
  • The reports will be in a format to provide timely information and in-depth analysis.
  • Reports will include tables, control charts, scatter diagrams, histograms, trend charts and other graphics as necessary.
  • Data will be analyzed in a scientific manner using Haller & Company's structured approach which includes cause and effect, multi-component correlations when necessary.
  • Recommendations will be made on appropriate corrective actions as needed.
Summary of Benefits
  • Haller & Company's service will provide experience-proven, appropriate, technical analyses at a price that will be very competitive with in-house technical departments.
  • Haller & Company's service will produce an excellent cost benefit ratio.
  • Clients will enjoy analysis reporting frequencies that can be tailored to suit their needs such as quarterly, monthly, weekly, or even daily phone calls if necessary.
  • Information transmittal and report feedback can be by a secure, coded, Internet arrangement; by a modem hook-up to Haller & Company affiliate's File Server; by Fax; and, as needed, by telephone.
  • All information will be coded, archived if desired, and kept in strictest confidence.
  • Please call Harold Haller for further details of the program.

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