Quality, Process and Product Improvement Systems

Haller & Company's Purpose is to show managers how to implement theories and methods that improve quality, productivity, competitive position, and profitability while enabling all employees to achieve joy in their work.

Haller & Company's Approach is directed at creating permanent improvement in quality. Haller & Company consultants teach new skills, introduce methods to change beliefs, identify problems and their causes through statistical analyses of data, and present results and recommendations in the language of the client. Early in their association with client organizations, Haller & Company consultants offer the tools and education so that managers learn how to detect and correct quality, process, and productivity problems on their own.

Dr. Harold S. Haller founded Harold S Haller & Company in 1983 to bring Deming's unique and proven management approach to North American industry. His company which is staffed by professionals with broad experience and accumulated knowledge is one of the few which was recognized by Dr. Deming as qualified to teach his principles. In addition, Dr. Haller pioneered, promoted, and advanced the use of continual process improvement strategies like Statistical Process Control and Six Sigma in business, government, and education.

Dr. Haller earned a Ph.D. degree in mathematical statistics from Case Institute of Technology, an MA degree in mathematics from American University, and a B.S. degree in engineering physics from Lehigh University. For 19 years, Dr. Haller brought the real world into the classroom as an adjunct professor and lecturer. As a consultant to more than 50 companies since 1967, Dr. Haller has concentrated on quality and productivity improvements in management, marketing, production, and research and development.

Haller & Company's clients have included: Advanced Ceramics, Alex Fries, Ashland Chemical, Boeing Airplane Company, Boston Globe, Chevron, Chicago Tribune, Didde Corporation, Emulex, Howard Publications, Lafarge Canada, Libby Owens Ford, The New York Times, Torrance Memorial Medical Center, and QUNO Corporation. Dr. Haller served as the Deming mentor to the Indy Quality and Productivity Improvement Council in Indianapolis, IN and currently serves as the mentor to the Ashland City School District in Ashland, OH for their Excellence in Education transformation.

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