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Harold S Haller & Company and the management of client organizations work together in order to address improvements in the organization’s key business practices and culture. Haller & Company delivers consulting, problem solving, and software training.

Continual Improvement in every aspect of a business must not be someone’s add-on assignment. It must become an integral business practice. Continual improvement demands work and determination from both Haller & Company and clients.

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Enumerative & Analytic

Sampling Studies

Enumerative & Analytic

Sampling Studies

Experts in enumerative sampling studies as applied in

  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) audits
  • Insurance company billing audits
  • Industrial sampling and inspection
  • Quality control

Accepted as expert witness

  • 70 Medicare/Medicaid appeals retained by ALJ
  • 70+ Medicare/Medicaid/Insurance appeals retained by appellants
  • Quality control audits

Developed self-disclosure billing audits for healthcare-providers


Analytical Studies

Big Data

Analytical Studies

Big Data

Experts in analytical studies of BIG DATA for academia, industry, government, and healthcare problem solving and quality improvement


  • The Development of High Conversion PVC Suspension Resins – A Continual Improvement Case Study
  • A Nine-Year Comparison of Practice Profiles of Candidates for Primary and Recertification Examinations of the American Board of Plastic Surgery Relative to Economic Indicators
  • Empirical Study Redux on Choice of Law and Forum in M&A: The Data and its Limits
  • Interception efficiency of CVM-based lightning protection system for buildings and the fractional Poisson model

Haller Information Technology

HITS® Software

Haller Information Technology

HITS® Software

“The long range contribution of statistics depends on creating a statistically minded generation of physicists, chemists, engineers, and others who will in any way have a hand in developing and directing production processes of tomorrow.” Walter Shewhart, 1933

HITS® software is intended to help achieve Shewhart’s goal by providing user-friendly, powerful statistical software for the non-statistician

HITS® EDO – Experimental Design Optimizer

HITS® MCA/MPO – Multiple Correlation/Optimization Analyses

HITS® SVA – Sources of Variation Analysis

HITS® CCA/ANOM – Control Chart Analysis/Analysis of Means

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